Capture of A330 in EGKK

I had just finished a flight in EGKK and by accident I ended up capturing this image spectacle!!!

Boeing 737-800 / RYR2PR
Flight Time: 1h05 min
I’m right behind


Hey, @CMTE_Herman!

Amazing photo you have there. However, this topic does not comply with the regulations for the Screenshots and Videos category. I recommend you read over the regulations here. This is an amazing photo, though!

Make sure you include the information required, like the flight information. All of the information that you need to put will be found below! Have a great day!

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I understood!! Thanks, next time I’ll be watching.

I would edit this topic. You can do that by using the ✏️ icon, located in the toolbar just below the original post.

You must include the route, aircraft, flight time, server, and any more information that you wish to add. If that is not added, this topic will most likely be closed.

For example:

JetBlue A320
Expert Server

I just edited.

Make sure you add the server in there, as well.

Also, an OCD alert, you spelled β€œflight” wrong πŸ˜‰.

It’s because I never created a topic!!

Corsair and Delta A330neo at Gatwick πŸ‘€

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I got there and I was there