Capture 739 Winglet Alaska Airlines

this time capture the picture again, I’m very hobby to do it. let alone catch a plane that flies over the air wow … really like it

the plane I used was 739 Alaska Airlines

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Time to Landing

Parking the gate

then does anyone know any beautiful places? because I want to try that place


Wow good photos! The Swiss alps are brilliant, I would suggest departing from LSZH.

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Oke man Thanks
I try flight departing from LSZH

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Not the 737 MAX 9 though

do you see the wings? it is MAX

Those at the same winglets as the max, but not the same aircraft

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IF doesn’t have the max. You can also tell by the engines

I know, but I always hope there is a MAX series

MAX winglets and split scimitar winglets are very different.


Yeah I know indeed the engine is different but the wings are MAX

it’s true the engine is different but the wings

No the winglets are different Here, this is a 737-900er winglet (the plane he was flying)Boeing 737 Winglets and then this is a 737 max winglet.Odds and Ends: Boeing revises MAX winglet, adding 1.5% to ... see the difference?

Sorry if there is confusion, the one on the bottom is a max 8 inglet and the one up top is a 737-900er winglet

Number 2. Looks Hot! 😍

Here is a better picture of the 737-900er winglet,

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Oh okay okay I understand

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The wings are also different. The wings of the 737 max are just a tad longer than the wings of the 737 NG.
I’ll use the 737-900 NG and 737 max 9 as an example.
737 MAX 8 wing span:
35.9 m (117 ft 10 in)
737-900 NG:
35.8 m (117 ft 5 in)

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Thanks, I had that same confusing winglet problem before.


20% “Nice Photo!” (Including me)
80% “W I N G L E T ‘ S”


Fair play, I haven’t done my research