CaptFoo's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED]@

Hey Everyone welcome to my ATC tracking thread. I am currently preparing to apply for IFATC in the coming weeks. Please leave any feedback below, thanks.
Days till practical test 3day


I’ll be there :)

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thanks mate

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Where’s the time , I’ll come

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ill open later details out soon

Hey bro details out now

Okay, now i have flight to UKBB , the landing after 5 hours

Then I will be wherever you want

Sorry mate too late but I’ll open later

As you like, we are here to help each other

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details out hope to see u there

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hi guys i will be having my practical in a few days time hopefully so now i needa train
opening at PGUM at 1100Z hope to see you there

Tag me I’ll be there!

ey thanks mate

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You opening in 15 mins?

im opening now

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Ok give me a few mins!

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Joining now my Callsign is C-OLLINS

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my game crashed brb

extend downwind ill brb