CaptainZac’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A [PASSED PRACTICAL!]

Please check the bottom of the thread for my closing message. Thank you all for your support and helping me get into IFATC!


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Open in CYEG (Nothing larger than an an A321 please)


Please remove me from your tagging list, thanks.

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Did you tag the whole IFC 🤣

Unfortunately I can’t join now…

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Rip just started a flight. Wish I could come!

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That was a lot of people tagged…

Unfortunatly I have online school rn so I can’t attend. Sorry about that

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On my way.

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Ok ill bring my 77L again, jk ill come with a 737

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@Z-Tube, sorry about that, we sent that message at the exact same time 😂

Still open all!

I’ll swing by!

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Hey, I was N473CC


  • commands were a tiny bit sloppy, a few incorrect messages, late messages, etc. Try to clear a little earlier

  • missed my sequencing, just a clearance

  • you made a common mistake while managing intersecting runways. Try to not have pattern work on both rwys, it overcomplicates things. Instead, get everyone on the same runway for easier control

That’s it for today, good session! 🙂

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Thanks for the feedback!

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Are you still open?

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I am still open

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I would of did some patterns , but I’ve just departed to Auckland , but Ill try to come to some other ones of yours.
I realized I accidentally quoted someones message thats why the original one was deleted.

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Also I think I am available for sometime , are you still open ?

Not anymore, just closed

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Hello! I was G-BOAT

Overall you did a decent job but there are three things I want to bring up:

Firstly, on my second pattern I never got a sequencing. This is one of the more crucial parts or a pattern, I only received a clearance for the option.

Secondly, the timing of your commands seemed a little late, an example of this was my second time around when you cleared me. I was only a few seconds from turning base when I received the clearance, ideally this should be given at the early part of the downwind leg.

Finally, I never received an exit runway command at the end. This is also another command that is important for the aircraft to follow and without one it does not bring the full patternwork together. Although, I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt here becuase I know that you gave the aircraft before me the command and you closed right after I landed so I do understand if that is why I did not recieve a call.

Overall the timing of your calls and sequencing are the two aspects I would reccomend you work on, that is all and best of luck on your journey to IFATC!

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Feedback C-FMXA

altitude was correct

Inbound pattern:
sequencing was correct
Clearance was good

2nd pattern
Clearance was late, I was just about to start my base turn. Aim to sequence and clear on crosswind or early downwind.

3rd pattern
Late clearance, I was abeam the approach end of the runway at the time.
Same issue on my 4th and 5th pattern.

Exit runway was at about 40knts. Sim to issue the exit command at 70knts for commercial and 40-50 knts for GA aircraft.

Overall the only issues for my flight were the late clearances but I did notice that other aircraft weren’t getting sequenced. The sequencing is very important since that tells us as pilots who were are to be following.

Thanks for the service tonight and keep practising and hopefully I will see you in IFATC soon.

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