CaptainSooraj’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Welcome to @CaptainSooraj’s ATC Tracking Thread!

Passed my IFATC written test with 96% (yay!) and need to practice for my practical exam! Come fly and help me out, and level up your grade with some landings too!

Any and all feedback is appreciated in the comments below.

I will be controlling only Ground and Tower, on the Training Server. Please refer to the relevant NOTAMS at the end of this post, for the airports that I open up.


Please file a flight plan before contacting ATC, unless you’re remaining in the pattern. If you are departing my airspace to another destination, be sure to indicate direction of departure (north/south/east/west).
If you are NOT going to another airport and want to practice touch and goes or remain in the pattern, please do NOT use the “Departing” request and instead use the “Remaining In The Pattern” request.


Please expect pattern instructions for all inbounds, unless you are already in the traffic pattern. “On the ILS,” “On the GPS,” “On the Visual” requests are only for when Approach controllers are active.

Current Status: Closed
Airport: N/A
Server: Training



Currently open at KSBA!

Great job on the ATC! Very impressive skills. Giving you a 100!

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Thank you!

Opened KDAL for some time! Come fly!
(Bring your GA props and jets, bring your airline’s non-heavy aircraft. Check NOTAMS above.)

Hey, I’ll come by in around 20 minutes 🙂

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Look forward to seeing you!

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On my way!

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@CaptainSooraj are u still open

Yeah, he is.

Sweet on my way

Feedback → G-KYSW


  • Nice pick up with the ground conflict with XA-EFW.
  • Everything was great - No issues.

First Pattern

  • [14:49] When you told me to LUAW, the aircraft on the active runway was already rolling towards Rotation speed. Therefore, a take off clearence would’ve been easier and more efficient. Either way, nice job!
  • [14:51] Good Sequence.
  • [15:55] Good Clearance.

Second Pattern

  • [15:00] Good Pattern Entery for the runway change. However, I shortly received the sequence after the pattern entery. To reduce work load, try merge the commands together so then it makes it easier for you.
  • [15:03] When I was cleared, I received no **‘Make Left traffic’ with the clearance as I just changed runways.
  • [15:08] Exit RWY command was a little late, I know I didnt report FS because I wanted to see how you would react. Aim for around 70kts when giving the exit command.

Outbound Departure

  • [15:16] Frequency change approved was a little late, could’ve been given earlier.


  • Good Transition altitude at 3500’.

Inbound/Third Pattern

  • [15:21] Good Pattern Entery.
  • [15:23] I called inbound for Touch and Go, but I was cleared to land.
  • [15:26] Completely missed my runway exit command, when I requested frequency change on ground, I received ‘Frequency Change approved’, It would’ve been more appropriate to hand me to Ground.


  • Altogether, not bad! I can definitely see that you have the criteria for IFATC. I think that as the airspace got busier, you started to panic but its okay! You will develop and overcome and eventually this will be light work to you 🙂


-Nice give way to aircraft

First Pattern
-All good

Second Pattern
-Good runway change and sequencing
-The 360 for G-ADDI was unnecessary

Third pattern
-The first sequence was fine
-The second sequence was unnecessary, I was following the same aircraft
-Late clearance, I was on short final and you cleared me to land, I didn’t announce Full Stop
-No runway exit command

Not a bad session, keep practicing, I hope to see you in discord soon!


Extend downwind was unnecessary too, if he had just sequenced me to go behind you I would’ve followed, reduced speed and it would’ve worked right?

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Hey! Tbh on Training I never trust pilots to reduce speed on their own 😅
I had a bit of a troll with that fighter jet as you saw, so I couldn’t tell.
Sorry about the extended downwind. I’ll definitely keep that in mind.

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Thanks! Yeah, still getting used to the menu layouts, lol. That’s one of my main issues.

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No probs, I’m in the same shoes as you trying to pass the practical, just remember that all you have to do is sequence and pattern the aircraft as you see fit, what they do is up to them they’re in charge of speed and heading. if they mess up it’s their fault and they’ll go around

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Thank you! I’ll keep that in mind
Good luck for your practical too!

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Hey, I stopped by as G-TJRA. Thanks for the service!

Here is some feedback from my side:

Inbound -

  • Nice pattern entry
  • Clearance could’ve been issued slightly earlier rather than short final. Good job on including directional clearance though!

First Pattern -

  • Sequence seemed fine, not too sure what happened with the clearance. I didn’t receive it and announced self G/A, however it was issued late after I was executing the G/A.

Second Pattern -

  • Nice work on the pattern entry for my runway change to 13L. It might be good to combine your pattern entry and sequence to make the workload easier for you since there was another on 13L.
  • 15:27:42 - I was sequenced as #2 behind the traffic on final, however no one was on final for 13L. I think you got mixed up 13L and 13R so make sure to just be aware and check what runway you’ve assigned.
  • 15:28:51 - I was cleared for 13R, although I was changed to 13L. I announced to try and make you aware.

Thanks for the service! I’m sure you’ll get there in no time and hope to see you in IFATC soon! Keep at it :)

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Thanks! Yeah, still getting used to the menus - I think that’s one of the main causes of the tango today. Sometimes I forget to hit “send” even after I get to the right spot lol

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