CaptainRyan’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Hey IFC!

My names Ryan and I’m looking to join IFATC during the summer so I made a tracking thread!
Airport: KFAT
Service: Tower And Ground
Duration: 30 minutes
Runways: 29L and 29R
Come stop by and tell me how I do!

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srry but I cant come right now. Maybe tag me next time. Thx

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I’ll stop by for a bit!

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It’s fine I’ll tag you next time!

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Ok thanks!

Thanks for coming by I appreciate it! Tell me how I via dms or here!

N10FR Feedback

Remember all aircraft that change the runways needs a new pattern entry, sequence if needed and clearance Also if the aircraft is inbound needs a pattern entry like I do after the transition you must told me a pattern entry first and then the sequency

Late exit runway command should be given 80-70kts

Don’t overcontrolling like “Extend Downwind” they are flying VFR and they need to follow the sequence, so for the spacing pilots must be responsible

Transition should be 3000ft not 3500ft because is the airport altitude + 2500 AAL

Keep working bud!


Tag me in the next one!

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I’ll work on that! Thanks for stopping by!

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Feedback from N17EE

[23:41:24Z] - Instead of enter straight in , enter right base would of been better based on the position I was.

Was really it , no other issues , have an nice rest of your day !

Yeah when I did it I thought you were someone else haha. thanks you too And *left base

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You open?<>

Hey I’ll stay open for like 2 of your patterns!

Thanks for everyone that came by I learned a lot!

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Open now @KFAT
Runawys: 10L and 10R
Service:Tower and ground
Where :KFAT TS
Duration:45 minutes maybe more

Can’t right now sir, sorry!

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