CaptainPiazza ATC Tracking Thread [PASSED!]


I was suppose to have ATC training with @Dillon_Lewis, but its looking like he bailed on me after receiving no response. I will be available at San Jose International airport. Please come out for pattern work!
Location: KSJC
Frequencies: Ground, Tower
Time: March 6, 2019 6:40 AMMarch 6, 2019 7:59 AM
Takeoff: 12L, 12R
Landing: 12L, 12R
Server: Training
Status: Closed


Still open! One in the pattern at KSJC


I’d like to come fly next time you open.


Location: KSJC
Frequencies: Ground, Tower
Time: March 10, 2019 8:45 PMMarch 10, 2019 9:45 PM
Takeoff: 12L, 12R
Landing: 12L, 12R
Server: Training
Status: Open


Pattern work encouraged! Taking second practical hopefully later this evening, if not then tomorrow.


Good job. Good luck!


Thanks @lurkerboy for the pattern work in the TBM.


I know not everyone can be as realistic, but I just wanted to let you know:

12L/30R is used for all commercial aircraft departures, and 12R/30L is used for most GA departures. 12R/30L is always used for landing :)

Good luck on your practical!


Yes I am aware! I am practicing for my ATC Practical so I wanted to utilize both runways to practice runway changes. Thanks for the luck. Hopefully I get it this time.


Sorry I couldn’t come by, but best of luck! 💪


I recommend that you watch this video on IFATC, it provides much benificial information:


Ah yes, the classic perfect ATC Test. I’ve seen this video many times. Thanks for the share!


Lol right!?! We probably rewatched it 500x


Location: KSEA
Frequencies: Ground, Tower
Time: March 11, 2019 9:15 PMMarch 11, 2019 10:15 PM
Takeoff: 16L, 16C
Landing: 16L, 16C, 16R
Server: Training
Status: CLOSED


Taking the practical in 45 mins at 22:00 Zulu. Would love practice beforehand if you can come.


On my way…
Good luck on your practical test!!


I’ll come along, I’m waiting for my practical so no promises of me being able to teach you anything but hopefully the practice will do you good!


Sorry. App crashed. So, I think would be better to say me nr.1 and sequenced corporate as 2 behind me, because he is doing far pattern and i’m closest than corporate to 16L.

Good luck!! Hope to see later PASSED on your thread.


Sorry guys about leaving. About to take the exam. Thanks for helping!


Best of luck! :)