CaptainPiazza ATC Tracking Thread [PASSED!]


No worries @dwane9903 @MrMrMan


Just as you did for me, I’ll watch this thread. Can’t get out there this time, but I’ll try soon 👍🏻


Great controlling! Also, nice landing @MrMrMan who knew the citation was so fun haha


You had some good landings. Just keep practicing in the aircraft.


Thank you haha. Floated ‘er a little too much but it resulted in a smooth landing in the end.

@CaptainPiazza, I’ll be hanging around here for a while longer. :)


Open for another 30 more minutes at KSJC. Pattern work is encouraged! @MrMrMan and another aircraft are in the pattern. Stop on by!


You buttered that last landing @MrMrMan


Haha thank you! :)


@MrMrMan you landing was terrible🤮


Which one? I don’t remember any of them that were “terrible.”

@CaptainPiazza Feedback will be sent in a DM. :)


I think it was sarcastic. I didn’t see a single



Everything was good. I liked the re-sequence as well. One thing. Why was I told to go around twice?


You were told go around twice because you kept flying into the cone of 30R instead of 30L. @MrMrMan was landing on that runway


Just going to add my input although I wasn’t there. While I’ve controlled (and even during the test) I’ve had planes overshoot the turn. As long as there is no immediate conflict (ie the possibility of a mid-air collision), I’ve just left the plane to finish the turn and correct itself. If that doesn’t happen, and they approach the incorrect runway, then I tell them to go around or address it accordingly


He was in the small Cessna flying 300ft tight pattern. I will have more confidence in the pilots next time


Location: KSJC
Frequencies: Ground, Tower
Time: March 5, 2019 11:40 PMMarch 6, 2019 12:40 AM
Takeoff: 12L, 12R
Landing: 12L, 12R
Server: Training
Status: CLOSED


Well that was terrible timing. If you are still on after mine, I’ll attend.

I think you mean KSJC as well


Ill join yours


I wouldn’t make a go around for something like that. Most expert server pilots understand spacing and know how to land side by side with another aircraft. I was actually 200 feet above MrMrMan, so there would be no conflict. Just be more aware next time. Good job


I think you’re furthering my point haha… you were 200 feet above MrMrMan while he was on final 30R and you were on final 30L. You both were less than 1NM out. You cut right over him into his cone. Ill post the video for you to see what you did wrong when I get home @Plane-Train-TV