CaptainPiazza ATC Tracking Thread [PASSED!]


As always, thanks for coming out @LoL_SmAsH. Congratulations on becoming IFATC! I hope to control you soon on expert once I pass!


Hehe. Hope you pass soon. :) i’ll be waiting.


Happy Friday everyone! Come on out to San Francisco Int. Pattern work is encouraged!
Location: KSFO
Frequencies: Ground, Tower
Takeoff: 1L, 1R, 28L, 28R
Heavies: 28L, 28R only
Landing: 28L, 28R
Server: Training
Status: Closed


You Location says KSEA btw!


Thank you for the heads up.


I told you to exit runway 28R contact ground and you didn’t…


No I know.


Two things:

  • Transition altitude that you gave me was 3000 ft…2500ft could have been more appropriate since SFO elevation is only 12ft. Jet pattern 1500ft, 1000 ft above that in this elevation would be 2512ft.

  • I slowed down far past 60 knots, past 30 knots. Never gave me a command to exit until like a minute later. This should be quicker.

Most parts though, I think you know what you’re doing. Keep it up!



There is a mountain to the right of runway 28R as well as behind 1L/1R. I wanted to provide adequate spacing for you from the terrain. Both altitudes would have been appropriate because they both are below my airport airspace maximum altitude. As for the 30knot exit command, you were commencing touch and goes when you made a full stop to exit. To ensure I don’t send an exit command if you intended to take back off I waited 2 or 3 more seconds till you came to a slower speed. I waited to know your true intentions. After you are done flying pattern work let the ATC know that you are full stop. Helps clear up intentions for ATC.


I called inbound. You cleared me for the option which includes landing.


Also, you can’t assume I’m doing touch and goes if I just said “inbound” never said “touch and go”. Just because I’ve been doing patterns at past airports doesn’t mean that I have to do patterns at every airport.


And for 2, 3 seconds, I stayed on the runway for more than 15 seconds after 60 knots.

Also, I was inbound from another airport. I was just flying to do a transition, and then land.



What are you talking about… The option clears you for touch and goes, low flyovers, full stops, and landings. You did two touch and goes yesterday on runway 28L, after I cleared you for transition at 3,000ft. On your third clearance you performed a full stop. The only time you requested inbound was when you asked for touch and goes 28L on your first approach. You didn’t inform me “inbound” after your second touch and go, nor would you need to because you were in the pattern already given which direction to turn. As I mentioned above you could have told me full stop, so that I can know as ATC that you are done completing patterns. You can stop on the runway below 60knots then retake off if you wanted because you were in pattern work. Exactly as you said, “don’t assume anything.” I wanted to wait till your intentions were clear.


You’ve mistaken me for the wrong person. At KSFO yesterday I didn’t fly any patterns. I was inbound from a nearby airport in a fighter. I only have like 4 mins logged as flight time.


6 minutes to be exact. How could I have flown three patterns when the flight from KOAK to KSFO takes 5 minutes


Location: KSJC
Frequencies: Ground, Tower
Time: March 4, 2019 11:30 PMMarch 5, 2019 12:30 AM
Takeoff: 30L, 30R
Landing: 30L, 30R
Server: Training
Status: Closed


I’ll come by. N4EM. :)


Thanks @MrMrMan. Glad to have you.


This is the first time i’m flying the citation so dont laugh at my landing :)


I actually have to be right back.