CaptainPiazza ATC Tracking Thread [PASSED!]


You continued to roll until you were on 26R as well as 4R. If you just lined up you would have been well clear of 4R allowing the option for @LoL_SmAsH


Hmm. On my screen, it showed me stopped well before 4R.



Section 6.4.4 in the manual

It talks about go arounds.
Main point is that no pattern entry is needed.


Although I did have connection issues at the time. I wouldn’t have noticed. My apologies.


Yes if I didn’t take the exit there would have been conflict. I would have had to stay on the runway and wait for you to takeoff and then exit the runway.


Still open for pattern work. Will be here for another 30mins!


@CaptainPiazza Good work! I was there in the Daher TBM-930


Thanks for coming by! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Arriving in 5


Cleared me for take off 8L…but I was at 4R


Coming in shortly.


I noticed that. I clicked the wrong button on accident but you already started takeoff. Sorry about that. Won’t happen again. By the way Im just putting you in a couple positions for me to practice go around calls


Whats up with all the stand by messages you keep sending me. Those you shouldn’t be used in that context.


Sorry about leaving the frequency… I had no idea there was an approach controller until they asked intentions


@MJhendo Sorry I told you left base instead of right base there. Thanks for giving me a couple of touch and goes to practice.


@Altaria55 You were cleared 08R when you tried to land 08L. When I told you go around you acknowledged my callout yet still landed… You need to go around.


Hey! Thanks for the service. Overall great controlling - few minor things to consider:

  • Told me to enter right downwind runway 08R, then with the option clearance, you told me to make right traffic afterwards. I was already on right traffic (by entering right downwind), so the proper procedure here is to simply clear me for option.
  • One instance you told Reunion 22 to enter left downwind for 08R, then immediately after sequenced him #2 behind me. This could have been done in a single command.
  • Told me to enter left base when I was on right (as you mentioned above).


Thanks @MJhendo . Didn’t I tell you to enter right downwind runway 08R after completing a touch and go on 08L. Wouldn’t that require me to tell you to make right traffic on your new clearance because I gave you a new pattern entry or a new runway? Yeah I noticed I used an extra command by doing that to Reunion 22. Sorry about the wrong base.


Telling me to enter right downwind 08R is essentially telling me to make right traffic. If I’m already making right traffic and you intend to keep me making that same traffic direction after my option, there is no need to issue another traffic direction, regardless whether you issued a new pattern entry or changed my runway. Hope that makes sense!


Location: EGCC
Frequencies: Ground, Tower
Time: February 27, 2019 1:00 AMFebruary 27, 2019 2:30 AM
Takeoff: 05L, 05R
Landing: 05L, 05R
Server: Training
Status: Closed

I will be open for an hour and half of pattern works! Come on by