CaptainPiazza ATC Tracking Thread [PASSED!]


I’m in school right now. I can come after I finish this section of notes. After that, I can stop by in about two hours.


Haha. I’m waiting your “back taxi” command. When you cleared for the option, that incluides the full stop landing. Remember when you use “back taxi”, say the active runway (05L), not the most near (23R).

Besides that, really good job 😉


@DaniCP Wasn’t the active runway 23L, because that’s the one I was having you takeoff and land on. When you completed your full stop you landed on 23L. Runway 05R was the closest.


Sorry. My bad. You’re alright, I don’t know what I was thinking of… Well, everything was perfect then👍


You closed right as I spawned in ;-;


Im going to control PHNL now @Altaria55


I can stop by if you open at PHNL right now ;)


Location: PHNL
Frequencies: Ground, Tower
Time: February 26, 2019 8:50 PM
Takeoff: 08L, 08R, 04L, 04R
Landing: 08L, 08R, 04L, 04R
Server: Training
Status: CLOSED


Lol. Did you see that 717 taking a trip in the grass by me?


Rip. I pushed back in the wrong direction.

Did you see the 737 levitating???


Okay. That was good. A few things to keep in mind.:

  • Good go around call.

  • After the go around call, you told me to make right traffic. You did not have to tell me to enter right downwind. Right traffic implies that.

  • Runway changes were good.

  • Exit runway command should have been earlier at when I was around 50-60knts. Nothing major.

I’ll stop by later again if I have time ;)


Fire drill -.- I’ll be back in a little bit.


Haha. We had one of those in the morning too.


Thanks for coming by! I thought that after I give a pilot a go around call, I still need to tell that pilot which runway and where to enter. I am probably wrong but I thought you re-sequence on go around.


Well here’s an example.

Tower: “N-TEXAS, go around, make right traffic runway 1R.”

Pilot: “Going around”

Tower: “N-TEXAS, number 1, runway 1R, cleared for the option.”

Pilot: “Cleared for the option”


I’ll be back at around 4:30 CT if you’ll still be up.


@LoL_SmAsH What if I was telling you go around to a different runway that you weren’t previously cleared for such as, go around make right traffic 1L. Would I then need to tell you which downwind to enter? In addition, I landed you with clearance for the option 4R. When you slowed down passed 60 how would I know whether or not you are just making a full stop then taking back off or intending to exit the runway. I told you to exit because you were about a little more than half way down the runway at 30knts. I figured you wouldn’t have enough takeoff length, so I could tell your intentions. In this scenario how would I make sure I don’t give the command to early or too late if I can’t tell the pilots intentions?


@LoL_SmAsH I was also sitting right in front of you :)


You were cleared to lineup, not continue to roll down the runway


Yes. That’s what I did.