CaptainPiazza ATC Tracking Thread [PASSED!]


I knew you’d make it. Congrats. Don’t forget to fly and leave IFATC feedback when you can thou lol.


well done see ya on slack and ifatc


@Piazza yeah dude please, some of us still need help 😂


@Kian_Abbasi Haha you’ll get it. Took me a little practice. I will watch your ATC thread for when you fly. Hopefully I catch you when you’re controlling!

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Nice Job had a feeling you will pass when I saw you control

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Congrats man! Hopefully I’ll meet you there in a little bit, but if not, happy controlling!

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Congratulations!!! Thank you for the help tonight flying in to DCA. Sorry for spooking you with double-check on runway assignment–I was flying the real-life Potomac River approach to 19 as suggested for the event tonight. It’s a tough one, especially in an A321! Look forward to seeing you on IFATC again soon!

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Hey @Piazza Congratulations, good luck now on your way as IFATC I hope you help the rest to follow your steps and get one day to be IFATC!
Cheers, Good day!


I´m taking my test today and have a question. Where did you hold your test and how was it organised ?


They will let you know 15-20min ahead of time.


Okey thanks

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