CaptainPiazza ATC Tracking Thread [PASSED!]


I gave a new pattern instruction then cleared you to land 16C, make right traffic to free up 16L for departures. That way there would be one aircraft for all three runways. Instead of one on final 16R and two left downwind 16L. Trying to keep spacing between the three runways


Good luck man I apologize for taxing with out clearance I got excited to fly. That would be ghosted on expert.


Yes also it is pilots responsibility to maintain safe distance especially after sequencing. Hence probably why you stepped in and changed the rwy for him. I hope you one shot the test today.


Appreciate it thoroughly! @Operator @MrMrMan


Yeah he was trying to overtake number 1 in the sequence


Mate, best of luck, got my fingers crossed for ya!!


I follow corporate all the time with safe distance in 16L, but you say me enter right downwind 16C while being in left pattern. And cleared me #2 without sequence. There was a traffic on final 16C.


You were flying a tighter pattern closing in on corporate who was also left 16L. Because of that I told you enter LEFT downwind 16C. You were in the left pattern after take off 16L so yes, you were already in the left pattern. The aircraft, that you say was ahead of you, just landed on 16C and even had already given him an exit command. That means I could clear you to land without sequence because you’re number 1 @DaniCP


Good luck cap. Hope to see you on the team soon!


You told me enter RIGHT downwind 16C, but no worries. I just wanted to help. Good luck.


I truly don’t believe I did. If I did I apologize, but I really don’t believe so. Thats why we need the live replay update!


Me too, but do not get mad with me…


I never was mad. Didn’t mean to come across that way if I did. I try to be a friendly person:)


Hey everyone! Just wanted to tell all the fellow pilots who helped me out over the the last month that I thoroughly appreciate all the flight time, feedback, and patience that you have given me. I just took my second practical exam, and passed thanks to all your help! Special thanks to @MrMrMan @LoL_SmAsH @azeeuwnl @MJhendo @DaniCP @Captain_Hoss @Plane-Train-TV @Operator . I will now try to earn my way up the IFATC ranks :)


Well done!
Time for a party and some serious controlling 🌷


Welcome to IFATC! Excited to see what you can bring to our amazing, one of a kind team! Welcome and Congratulations!




Major congrats! Looking forward to seeing you in the IFATC Slack soon. 💪🤙


Congrats!! Welcome on board :)


@CaptainPiazza Congratulations. Happy to see you join the IFATC team. Welcome once again!