CaptainPiazza ATC Tracking Thread [PASSED!]

My other ATC thread is un-editable due too many edits. I am taking my practical exam later today at 2330Z. I will be open at PHNL for any pilot that wants to come out and give me some practice with pattern work. I am open now.
Location: PHNL
Frequencies: Ground, Tower
Time: February 24, 2019 9:30 PMFebruary 24, 2019 10:45 PM
Takeoff: 08L, 08R, 04R
Landing: 08L, 08R, 04L, 04R
Server: Training
Status: CLOSED

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I’ll be right out!

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So, is pattern work where I just go and go and go around?

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It is just a series of touch and goes.

You coming out @Leifjt?

Any aircraft or just props

Any aircraft is fine

Ok thanks!

I’m trying but I’ve never done it before

You should taxi to the end of beginning of the runway. You can’t takeoff at half length @Tucker_Ryan

I can come out later if you wish.

Sounds great @Plane-Train-TV

I will be staying open for an additional hour!

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Thanks for the ATC. Looks like your ready for your exam!


Thanks for coming by @Leifjt and @azeeuwnl

Good job! I’m confident you can pass your practical.
Also good job on the go around with the dude hogging the runway

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Very nice job!
Pattern entries for inbounds and runway changes: good.
Sequencing: good. Watch your sequence count though.
You cleared me twice for number 2, without a sequence first. Always first a sequence unless you wait till I’m number 1 (if the guy before me is on very short final, just wait till he’s on the runway, and the clear me for number 1).
Don’t forget your runway exit instructions
Go-around: well spotted.
Little Hawaiian 215 didn’t really need an expedite for leaving 08L, as he there were no other aircrafts.
Exit runway 04R and cross 04L: great!
Re-sequencing where needed: well done.
Try and be proactive with runway crossings. Keep watching those planes taxiing on the platform. I got the idea you were a bit distracted there sometimes 😉

How are you doing with your theory test?

Thanks for you feedback as always. Are you saying I shouldn’t have sequenced you number 2 because the aircraft ahead was on such a short final? I passed my theory test. Waiting on @Julius97 to give the practical exam in about 30 minutes.

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You didn’t sequence me. You just cleared me for number 2 🙂
Always a sequence first. Then clearance.

A few tips for good ATC work everywhere:

  • sequencing is your friend
  • timely clearance, but not too early.
  • watch aircrafts on the platform, scan continuously.
  • give way instructions where needed
  • keep an eye out for go arounds

All the best with your test! See you on the other side 😉