@captainmalik’s ATC thread @ NZWN (Closed

I am doing ATC in 10mins at OMDB i hope to see lots of traffic!
thank you

Is this an atc tracking thread?
If so please make the thread title
@captainmalik s ATC tracking thread[OPEN@OMDB]

Are you still open captain?

Hey mate. If you are no longer open, please put (Closed) in your title :)

Please let me know on how good I am at ATC
I will be doing ground and tower
Please be there

Hey @captainmalik. I will be there in 2mn. Nasa 1 → my callsign.

Do you accept some feedback when I am done. If yes, do you want it here or in a PM??

Can I have feedback here please and I am on training server

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Can you please change airport. The visibility is too bad there!!

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Ok I I’ll put in the title!

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I’ll be there NSAM15

I have got NASA 1!!!

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Sorry I could only do a short amount of time and sorry about those few little mess ups!

Hey Cap,

I would recommend you to look at the tutorials at the forum on how to use ATC. It will help you to become a better controller :)

Keep it up,

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▪Why didnt you let me remain in the pattern?? and why I was cleared for immediate takeoff?? I was the only one there with Sebastian.
▪After some minutes, I called inbound 16R, and you cleared me for 36L. Remember → Always use only one side of the runway, not both.(example: 16L-16R/ 36L-36R)
▪I announced inbound t&g not landing. The correct responce should have been: Clear for the option
▪Remember to give pattern entries to each and every inbound aircraft or when you want to make a runway change

Tyler has some usefull tips and tutorials that will help you undestand better :

▪This amazing post includes all the things you might want to search to learn more about ATC:

Always your best friend is #tutorials → ATC

Keep up the hard work and you will improve. Drop a PM if you want to ask me anything else!!

Thanks for opening today,



Coming now! Are you still open?

Please don’t forget to change your title to → CLOSED when you are done controlling!!


Please be there!!!

I just spawned at OMAA, but you weren’t there.
To avoid wasting well-willing Pilots time, make sure the title of the tracking thread is uptodate.

5he title clearly now says closed do it is not my fault

I changed the title to [Closed] for you Malik. :)

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