CaptainJam’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A [PRACTICAL PASSED]

Hi everyone,
Welcome to my ATC tracking thread where I will be posting when I’m open at an airport. I am now open at KBOI for anyone interested to help me practice by doing some patterns.

I passed my written test about a week ago but I did not pass my first try on the practical test, so I am looking forward to practicing controlling an airport.

Airport: LFBO
Frequencies: Tower/Ground
Server: Training Server
Runways: 14L/14R

Please don’t hesitate to leave feedback it will be much appreciated.

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I’ll stop by!

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I’m stoping by!

Great Thanks!

Wow! Did not expect you to do that well since it’s your first time opening but that flawless except for one thing.

Transition Altitude = 1,500ft (pattern work altitude) + 1,000ft (separation between aircraft) + airport elevation (always rounded up to the nearest 500)

So for KBOI -> 1,500 + 1,000 + 3,000 (2,872 rounded up) = 5,500

All I can say is great job, you’re very far along. Tag me when you open next!


Thank you so much for the amazing feedback. I completely forgot about the 1000 ft separation. I will make sure to tag you. Thanks again!

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Hello! I was STELLAR Heavy,

Just like @yoshi_flyer said:

The only thing was you should have cleared me left downwind 10L, because there is no ATIS, so you can’t close runways. but that’s just nitpicking.

I hope to see you very soon in IFATC!

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@CaptainJam, how did you learn how to do everything so well?

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Thanks for your feedback.
It took me a while to decide which runway since I was originally doing 28L/28R but I didn’t know that you can land 10L since there is no ATIS. Thanks for that!

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Haha thanks. I do ATC on the training server a lot and before I passed the written test I also failed once so after that fail I realized that I had barely any knowledge in ATC (I got a 30%) so I kept learning and practicing and now I have learned everything I need to know.
I failed my first practical test attempt since I was pretty nervous. But thank you so much!

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Heyy, are you still open? If yes, plan to drop by in 10 minutes

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Yup still open. I’ll be waiting!

Ohhh that makes more sense, no wonder why you know so much. You definitely know a lot about ATC now, I’m very impressed.


I’m dropping in now as Delta 1594 in a 320!

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Malaysian 888 here. Shit I crashed :( coming back

Haha it’s ok.

Thanks for dropping by everyone! I will be closing in 5 minutes for today!

Hello I was Malaysian 888. Overall you did a great job.
Disclaimer: I myself also planning to apply for IFATC, and I am not good at patterns. The feedback below are of what I know based on my session feedback :)

  1. Great work on asking me to descend to pattern attitude. First time doing patterns at KBOI and since I crashed the first time, I thought I’d fly slightly higher :)
  2. A bit late on exit runway command. Typically it is given once the aircraft reach below 70kts.
  3. By right no need to give pattern instructions but I really appreciate that (first time pattern @ KBOI).

Thank you once again :)

PS: May I invite you to come in and do pattern works when I am open? :)
My username is Anthony_Morgan :)

Thanks for the feedback. I would be very happy to help out and fly patterns for you. Thanks!

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I’ll come over and fly some patterns.