CaptainHugh's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Hello IFC!
I am looking to become IFATC. I’ll be opening airports on TS, for you all to come along, depart, arrive, do patterns, and review my ATC skills. Thanks!


Nice thread,

Make sure you have your title correct it should be:

CaptainHugh’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

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Hello everyone,
I’m going to be opening KOAK from now (1905Z) to 1945Z. Please come along! Patterns allowed.

I had to close this one early due to family reasons. Sorry :)
What airport should I open next.

Any airport with parallel runways is what I would suggest. This allows you to practice runway changes and pattern work more efficiently, which are essential for IFATC. I will try to stop by next time you are open for some patterns.

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Thanks for the advice!

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