Captainflight's ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ OTHH

Welcome to @Captainflight . ATC Thread. I want to IFATC one day and making this thread to get experienced and more operations. Also any Feedback and helpful tips are helpful for me: )

(For departing aircraft: Unless you are flying patterns, please file your flight plan before contacting ATC.)


Please only use “Remaining in the Pattern” if you are planning on doing touch & go’s/patterns! Otherwise, please use the “departing north, south, east, west" or "straight out” command.


*Check above *

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Open at @EDDM

Hey @Captainflight!

Tag me when you open again!


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Im coming in.

Oh, didn’t knew you closed. Sorry

I can reopen rn

@USA_ATC if you are free to join I can do it


Ok I will reopen

Coming now. Time to test your skills. Muahahahaha

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How long u planning on being open? I can drop by in 30 min

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for 30 min

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I cant tonight. I got way to much to do sorry.

Alright. I’ll swing by in about 10

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Feedback from N757MX:

Several things to adress…

  1. You gave N757MX and G-EPOP an “After the option, make Right Traffic”. That was unecessary, since you gave us the traffic direction on the Takeoff clearence. The “after the option, make R/L Traffic” is used ONLY on a Runway change and/or for aircraft Inbound for T&G
  2. No sequence for N757MX at 01:53Z. Only a clearence. Always use a sequence when you have 2 or more aircraft in the Pattern. To add on, you’ve made a correction adding the traffic direction on the clearence, which it was worst.
  3. You gave G-EPOP a Clearence as Number 1. It must be number 2 since I didn’t crossed the threeshold
  4. No exit RWY command. You must send it at 70-60kts on jets and 40-30 on props.

That’s all. Correct these mistakes and you’ll improve. See you soon :)


Yea its been 3 months since my last ATC session Im getting back into shape

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ST-EVO feedback:

At first you gave me an incorrect transition altitude… the next command should of been correction standby, then fix my altitude

First clearance for Touch and Go I never received a left or right traffic

Cleared to land 8R twice after being told to extend downwind, correct command would be “turn base”

All these mistakes are just minor things it’s no biggie. Overall great job! See you in IFATC soon!

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Yea I accidentally clicked the wrong alt

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Hey! G-EPOP here. Got some feedback that will hopefully clarify some things!
Time stamps included:

[1:49z] - Try to send me to the closest runway, I had to request 8R while you gave me 8L.

[1:51z] - Unnecessary expedite command. I was already rolling and N575MX was on a 2nm final

[1:52z] - No need to give a pattern direction with your clearance. I’m already in the pattern. Only time you need to specify a patttern direction on the clearance is if they are an inbound or a runway change.

[1:54z] - You should sequence N575MX before you clear him as number 2 to establish who he is following (also sent an uncessary pattern direction with his clearance)

[1:58z] - Again, no need for a pattern direction with clearance and you sent and unneccessary speed command (there was no one to follow, if you wanted to sqeeze off that departure, you could have sent a ‘maintain slowest practical speed’ or just simply extended my downwind while calling my base.

[2:01z] - So this is a bit tricky. If you tell me to go around, I’m going to keep flying runway heading, then make my turn somewhere past the end of the runway. I recommend either aborting the takeoff of the plane on the roll or just have me turn crosswind by sending a ‘turn crosswind’ command. Additionally, when you clear someone, whether it’s to land or for the option, if they aren’t number 1 in the pattern, they need a sequence before their clearance.

[2:05z] - Nice job slotting ST-EVO into the pattern. The extend downwind command was probably unnecessary because hes a prop going 60kts while I’m a jet going 130+ kts.

[2:08z] - Here’s another tricky one. Whenever a pilot requests a runway change, and you can do it (you should accomodate this request to the greatest extent possible), you need to give them a new pattern entry for the different runway (and a sequence if required), only then can you clear them for the option. You may come across two parallel planes on the upwind leg, and one requests a runway change. You either want to extend the upwind, or just simply keep them in the same pattern direction as before, but a new pattern entry as you changed their runway. Sequence accordingly following the change.

I saw a nice grasp of some fundamentals, however there were a few tricky things that held you up. Keep up the great work and be sure to apply for training in the recruitment process for IFATC!

If any more clarification is needed, feel free to tag me or send a DM where I can go into more depth about a certain topic!


Erik Popescu
IFATC Officer