Captainflight’s ATC Tracking Thread - [closed][Written Passed] @KJFK

Welcome to @Captainflight . ATC Thread. I want to IFATC one day and making this thread to get experienced and more operations. Also any Feedback and helpful tips are helpful for me: )

(For departing aircraft: Unless you are flying patterns, please file your flight plan before contacting ATC.)


Please only use “Remaining in the Pattern” if you are planning on doing touch & go’s/patterns! Otherwise, please use the “departing north, south, east, west" or "straight out” command.


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Feedback from Connie-01 Pattern entry was correct, although you never gave me or the traffic behind me clearance, which is why I told you I was on final for touch and go. Clearance to enter the runway, and to enter the pattern with sequence are two different (three if pattern and sequence are separate) things, in which I both need clearance for.

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Hi, I was N18AC.

Not much to say as you closed during my taxi, but feel free to tag me next time you open. The only real criticism I have is that you would have gotten me out flying a lot quicker had you used 26L and not made me taxi across the airport to 26R.

Note: Take future feedback with a grain of salt, I am not currently in IFATC but do have some prior experience as an IFATC Specialist.

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Open at EDDB please join!! @Bmoney326 I am doing ATC feel free to stop by if you can.

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Hey, thanks for controlling. Everything was perfect, although the only advice I have for you was that when I was on final to land on 26L and the A10 was turning crosswind, simply tell them they are number two cleared for the option traffic is in final. No need to extend downwind and call their base as you can assume that they will fly so that they will be behind me in an orderly fashion. Other than that, good job, I used to be IFATC but haven’t been active enough with college and all but for the practical you will see what you just saw but more aircraft and inbounds while they are in the pattern…etc keep practicing and you will be all set.

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