CaptainEwan’s ATC Tracking Thead - [CLOSED] @ OMDB

Hey! I will Be opening various ground and tower frequencies around the globe! Feel free to give me pointers here, and don’t worry about being strong with how to fix things! I’m training for IFATC. I ‘ll be on ground and tower! I like doing traffic patterns with runway changes, separation issues etc, but all is good. Thanks!


Don’t forget to clear me for the option!

Got it! Thanks for the help

Like that?

Ok so the transition was appropriate, well done.

I then announced inbound. Remember to give me a patter entry! Inbound aircraft and runway changes must get a pattern entry! First clearance was good, you remembered to give me a traffic direction as well.

On the second pattern you forgot to clear me. Remember if you have cleared an aircraft, they should appear green. If not, then they should appear white. Since you gave me a traffic direction previously, there is no need to say left traffic after clearing me for the option.

Remember to give a runway exit command as well. I announced that I was on final full stop, so when I’m at the necessary speed, you can give me the exit runway left/right command.

Thanks for the feedback! My wifi glitched, and it was likely around the time you were announcing your full stop. Sorry for any inconveniences!

Alright I’m going to Be controlling for a bit!

Coming in a few!

Awesome, what callsign and aircraft?

Better tag me next session. But what i saw before, you are not efficient in time. Why you give me 16L Instead 16R is near

For sequencing purposes, to divide arrivals and departures across the parallel runways

If u not want to use parallel runways. Try a little airport that use only one runway

Ok, thanks for the tip

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I’ll provide feedback later (CC-NPR). I have a test to take now.


How long will you control in RJTT? Planning a flight from Tokyo to Amami in 30 minutes. [JL659]

I closed Down 10 minutes ago, but can re-open if you like

Alright I’m opening now

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Feedback - N17EE

[13:02:30Z] - You gave me an clearance for 16L which was good , but for inbounds you need an pattern entry + sequence if you can .

So if using 16’s you could say for me " enter left downwind runway 16L , number 2 traffic to follow is on left downwind " since CC-NPR is on the same runway as me and is on left downwind at the time.

[13:12:58Z] - The only thing for your clearance that you gave me for 16L is that you can remove " after the option make left traffic " , since you already told me that when I first inbound and assigned onto 16L .

[13:17:54Z] - You could replace this clearance with an " extend upwind , I’ll call your crosswind " command , then soon after me and CC-NPR is separated a bit you can give the pattern entry sequence ( both included in one command ) , and the clearance for 16R.

[13:23:12Z] - I saw All Nippon 263 was told to hold short of 16L , but there was no traffic that was going to conflict with them at that time , so you could of just cleared them for takeoff .

[13:24:13Z] - All Nippon was cleared for takeoff but most time’s it’s better to use left traffic for left runways and right traffic for right runways , not the other way around . So the easiest would of just to keep All Nippon on left traffic.

[13:27:09Z] - Be careful of my separation between me and CC-PNR , if you saw that they weren’t going to exit on time then it’s better to give the go around , instead of the pilot calling it out .


Runway Changes - Most times they just need an Pattern Entry + Sequence ( if theres anyone to sequence them on ) + Clearance .

If they happen on upwind though and the planes are right next to each other then give the one requesting an " extend upwind " then once there clear then you can do the pattern entry + sequence + clearance.


Session wasn’t bad , but improvements can be made. Thanks and have an good rest of your day !

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Wow, thanks! This is super helpful, and I will Keep this in mind

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