CaptainDoomBox | ATC Tracking | CLOSED

CaptainDoomBox ATC Tracking File.

Opening in different locations once a week. The information on airports I am controlling / control is below. I am currently CLOSED.

Airport: -



Open for until 30 minutes to an hour depending on traffic
Please come and write your thoughts about my controlling below. Thanks!


That’s all part of the fun though!


Bit more challenging but still, it’s fun so I changed it.

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I’ll come after I land (40min). If you’re still open

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Oh God, I will be open then but I’m just a rookie ATC. ha ha

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Coming down in about 5-10 minutes

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Closing in 10 minutes!

Thanks for coming! Solid 40 minutes of Rookie ATC!

awww. Sorry. Flight took longer than expected. Hope I can make it next time

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If they are already in the pattern you don’t have to tell them which way to turn after the option as it is presumed you will go the same way as before.

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