CaptainDavid’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @

Where: — (TS)
Time: —
Frequencies: Tower and Ground
Departure Runways: —
Arrival Runways: —

This is practice in preparation for the IFATC Practical Exam. Please be courteous and professional.


I’ll be there.

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Hey @Butter575, good to see you again!

Strong winds in Austin today so be cautious if joining.

Will you be open in 30 minutes?

Yes, should be.

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You ok @Butter575?

@Eugene_Leybovich correct me if I’m wrong, but if you are the only one in the pattern, I only have to clear you for the option on the first go right? Or is it every time?

You have to clear me every time. You don’t need to issue a pattern heading with every clearance though. Only with the first one.

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That’s right. Alright cool. Thank You.

Yeah I had to go.

Feedback from: Judgement 575 Super


  • Pattern instructions were good
  • Cleared for option was good, I had to switch to land at the last second
  • Exit runway was good


  • Taxi to parking was good

Overall great job! I might be back later

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Thanks for coming sir. Hopefully will see you later.

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still open? I can stop by for a few

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Feedback G-EUGE:

  • good pattern entry for 18R given my position when I called in.
  • make sure you sequence aircraft so everyone knows who they are following. I never got a sequence on the first pattern behind Judgement. The best way to handle it would have been to issue a pattern entry with the sequence. So in this case … “… enter right base runway 18R, #2 traffic to follow is left base”… then you can just clear me for the option since I know who I am following.
  • good job with runway change.
  • late exit rwy. You should time the exit rwy command at around 70 kts. I was at 30kts when the command was issued.
  • frequency change should be issued way earlier (1/2 mile after departure end unless there are conflicts that can potentially exist) - in which case they need to be resolved prior to issuing a freq change command. In todays case both outbounds were not conflicted with anyone so you could have issued the command way earlier to lessen your workload.

Good work overall. Keep practicing and Im sure you’ll nail the practical.


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I will stay open at Austin for as long as possible. Again…I am practicing for my IFATC Practical Exam. And IFATC people that would be willing to join and fly so patterns, or otherwise, would be greatly appreciated. Others are welcome to join as well but please be courteous and professional. Any and all feedback is welcome.

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I’m on my way! And please check DMs!

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Thank You @Eugene_Leybovich! Much appreciated. Will hopefully see you out there soon!

Will be closing for a bit to take care of something. Should be active again in a bit.

I will be opening up KEKO today at 3:00pm Central for a practice session. Would love for a few IFATC guys to join.

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