CaptainCam's ATC Tracking Thread [Closed]

Closed at KRDU
-Pattern work allowed
-Taking off 05L & 05R
-Landing 05L & 05R

I’ll Do Touch and Goes.

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I changed your title to CLOSED.
Please keep it up to date.

And…happy controlling! ☺️

Sorry about that. I swear I clicked the Check button when I finished editing it but I guess not. Thanks

Open at KBWI
Pattern work allowed
Take off 15R and 15L
Landing 10 and 15L
KBWI 010054Z 07009KT 10SM SCT180 BKN250


I’ll be there shortly

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On my way for some patterns.

Edit: incoming call. Sorry

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I’ll come over

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Runway change
Taking off 10 and 33R
Landing 33L

Hi there, my callsign was “CIROC”

Before to start controlling, I’d recommend you to watch all the tutorials related to tower (Pattern entries, sequencing and clearance) and ground control. They’re really helpful.

Few things here…

  • “I’ll call your base” and “extend downwind” are commands used for sequencing. You said both when I was the only one in the pattern and no one else was around. Completely unnecessary.

  • No need to tell me a pattern entry (enter right base 15R) in this case when I’m already on the pattern. Just clearance

  • For runways changes, issue a pattern entry, a sequence (if needed) and a clearance. This is what you should’ve done in the unable part.

  • Sequencing was somewhat good still gotta practice it more.

If any my pm always open


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