CaptainBarneys ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED]

Hello this thread is to let you know when I am controlling! Right now I am London Gatwick Ground. Training Server

Happy Landings!

You should control Ground and Tower to get the best experience.

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I am JFK ground tower I will do later lol.
But thanks for the suggestion!

You should then change your opening location to KJFK

I did just forgot to save it Thanks!

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Currently at RJTT (Ground)

Why would I trust a pink dinosaur in an ATC tower… give me at least three reasons !!!

1: Were Pink
2: Were dinosaurs that can control an airport
3: We have tiny arms
4: we look funny
5: were pretty smart (Sometimes)
6: We’re a happy family


6: And they love you and you love them becuase we’re a happy family

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