CaptainBarney’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

I couldn’t edit the title on the old thread so here’s a new one!

I’m open at KAUS for a bit! Come in whatever you like.

I am now closed! Will open tomorrow for a bit.

I’m open at OPKC for a while!

Please note: I have not been at for a while so I might be a bit rusty.

I’m closed!

Open at OTHH for a bit!

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I am now closed!

I’m open at LSGG for a while.

I am now closed!

I was JAY-636.

You did very well today, you sent me all the right commands, and managed your patterns well.

Here are a few things I noticed:

1.) When I called for a transition, the altitude you gave me was just a tad bit high. It should’ve been 4,000 feet. However 4,500 still meets the separation required so it’s not too much of a big deal.

2.) Why did you give that go cat aircraft a right downwind for 22? If you were using the 4s, you should’ve gave him “enter right base runway 4”
Because if I was still doing patterns, there’d be a conflict.

Everything else was great!
Keep up the great work 🙂

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I didn’t want their turn to be so sudden to the “4.” Also, I couldn’t check the transition altitude because it wasn’t working to tap the blue circles around the airport so it was an estimated guess.

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Thank you for the feedback! Your welcome back anytime.

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Nah you don’t have to tap the blue circles. You can just tap the button where the ICAO of your airport is and you’ll see the airfield elevation.

Here’s some pictures to help.

As you can see the elevation of LSGG is 1,410 feet. So you can just add 2,500 to that and you get 3,910 (rounded up is 4,000).

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Oh, I didn’t know that, thank you very much!

I’m open at WSSS for a while.

Had to close early, will open later on tomorrow.

Im open at MMTJ!

Departure/Arrival runway is 09

I am now closed!

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