Captain_zane's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ TBPB

Airport: TBPB

Status: CLOSED

Frenquencies: Ground/Tower

Information: pattern work accepted.



Hi! Can you keep it open for a little while longer?

sure it is still open

feel free to ping me next time you open :)

Sure ill be open at 12 pm est if you can join. Please, feel free!

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Frequency is open btw


Im joining

Hello there,

Here’s my feedback (CF-JFV)

Nice session here. No real issue with all the taxi part.
Nice patterns too. Make sure you give the right leg of the pattern when sequencing (already discussed in DM 👍)

Don’t forget to switch the frequency of the plane when departing your airspace.


This is a safe altitude to go through your airspace.

A simple formula to calculate it is:

Airport elevation + 2500’, then round the result up to the nearest 500’

TBPB is 166’ so:

166 + 2500 = 2666 rounded up = 3000’

So this should be your transition level…

Have a nice one!

Thanks for the service!


Thanks again for the help, which is greatly appreciated.


Strongly agree with J-F_V no real issue at all, that I saw… I even took something that J-F_V said with the transition 😂(I have to practice that my self)
Keep up the good work🫱🏽‍🫲🏾


Also ping me when u do another one**

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  • CF-JFV was given a wrong sequence ( you said traffic to follow is on left base when they were on the right downwind) same goes for Test Flight.

  • Transition altitude was too high, you generally have transition altitude to be at 3000 for this kind of airport ( Transition altitude= 2500+airport elevation and then round to the nearest 5 hundred)

  • Always have aircraft fly on one traffic direction for single runway( in this case you would choose whether to use right or left traffic through out your session)

  • Also, you gave one of the aircraft a pattern entry when its not needed since they said they were remaining in the pattern before takeoff( all you need in this case is a sequence and clearance)

  • you forgot to give me a pattern entry( always give a pattern entry for aircraft calling inbound followed by sequence and clearance)

  • sometimes your sequences were wrong but your doing good so far, just take the feedback given and you will improve over time :)

  • Good job correcting your wrong sequence for Test flight

  • also, please use airports in the mainland or closer to other airports since during your practical IFATC test, there will be aircraft calling inbound as well and not all aircraft will spawn in your airport.

all in all you did great !!
PM me on your next open :)

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Thank you for the remarks and thank you for attending!

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Have to do my ifatc written exam Monday wish me luck haha.


Take your time and have a paper and pencil ready in case you would want to draw the question. Sometimes it helps figure out details


Here’s a link to the practice written test, you can give it a shot while your at it. It helped me pass my written test. Good luck 🤞🙂

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Good luck bro u got this🫱🏽‍🫲🏾
I just literally passed mine this week and now have to do the practical test.

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Hope to see you on the team!

Thanks.! Also I enjoy your streams.

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