Captain Sully - Hudson's heroe

Hey there IFC!

Today I watched Sully’s movie for the 5th time then I found this could be a good challenge for my IF skills.

Captain Sully had an experience of about 40 years flying several types of aircrafts and that incident of 15th, january, 2009 occurred due to an impact against a huge number of birds just after the US Airways’s takeoff.

(I cannot imagine how those souls suffered during their descent to the river and my intention here is not to turn this a funny situation. I count on the understanding of yours)

I left LaGuardia airport at 1700Z and destination was Charlotte in the expert server.


Did you try to land on water?


Nice, job! I think this is a good exercise to practice however i would recommend practicing it on the casual only, rather than the expert server. Trying this on the expert server could lead to ghost or violations


Yes you are correct but this did happen in real life :P
But yes try this on casual or solo next time. You don’t want to have to fly realistically on Training because of this on Expert.


You have created a strange doubt to my head. If IF is a real life simulator and this happened in real life, what is the reason for receiving a ghost? This thinking is almost the same of those guys trying to put Sully down.

Anyway I agree with you that I should try this on casual or solo to avoid misunderstandings…

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Tried and got it, like the Captain

You cannot perform any acrobatic maneuvers in Expert server, this may not be an acrobatic maneuver for the system to ghost you but if you have ATC in the area and this see you flying at 100 ft above the river, you will probably get ghosted.

Yes IF is supposed to be like Real life, however, if you have people regularly doing water landings it loses its realism. Also, this was an extremely rare thing to have happened


Hey Micah,

I really respect your point of view, but please note there is no reason for ghost or violations in this case since I am not about to crash with some other plane or using any offensive or real flight callsign that perished.

I am not encouraging anyone to start flying over rivers on expert server but trying to show you my perspective.

Gonna use solo or casual servers for this kind of simulation from now on. Thanks for the tips. You helped me to learn a little more