Captain Sam's ATC Tracking Thread PASSED PRACTICAL! THANK YOU!


Ah, sorry! I forgot to do that! Definetly will do that next time!


I will be open for around 20-30 more minutes if anyone else wants to join!


Thank you very much @PlaneCrazy so many patterns!

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@Prashant_Divedi I see you!


Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

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No problem, thanks for controlling! You did a great job! Just a few things you might want to work on:

  • You told me to enter left base in 08R when I requested a runway change on left downwind. You should have just given me left downwind.

  • Some of your clearances where a bit late, you gave me one on final. Remember that you can give them as early as when the aircraft is on crosswind.

  • You gave ALEXG Heavy an on guard warning when he was at FL170. Your aerospace only stretches to around 6,000 feet, so don’t give warnings to aircraft above that.

  • When you deal with transitions you need to remember that they should be approved at 2,500 above the airport AGL, not MSL. KONT is about 900 feet above see level, so add 2,500 to that to get the transition altitude. 2,500 was too low in this case, I was only 1,600 feet above the ground, which could technically interfere with other aircraft.

Again, great job! Keep practicing and you will make an excellent controller!

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Thanks! I really appreciate this feedback. Thanks for making me aware of the on guard message and the transitions! Thanks for coming out and flying!


I am now closing! Thanks so much to @jakcharvat, @PlaneCrazy and @Prashant_Divedi for coming!


First of all sorry for turning in wrong direction,still there was taxiway to take me to 08l,u could instruct me to taxi to 08l still,nvm.

I jus saw two mistakes happening there:

After doing 2 patterns,u cleared me for runway 26R,and then after T&G 26r,on upwind u instructed to enter left dw.

Remember,if u wsnt to change pilot’s runway,give them right/left traffic upon clearance.So pattern entry would be valid if u would have given me PR-SHNT runway 26r cleared for the option,after the option make left traffic.

Exit runway command was late,u should give exit runway command when at or below 60-70 knots.also better u would have given me exit runway from left instead of letting me exit frm right and crossing runway 26r coz there were gates on left runway 26l.

Best wishes ,and yeah just try the best to remain your departing/arriving runways :)

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Thanks very much! I didn’t realize you were landing so I was hesitant to give exit runway commands. Thanks for flying patterns!

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Np,just keep checking speed on ur radar map,if it goes below 60,give exit runway command :)

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And also, if u want to change pilot’s runway,ensure to give them left/right traffic upon clearing them for option :)

And you’re good to go, good luck for ifatc test, see ya soon controlling on expert

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Ok, thanks! I really appreciate it!

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Now open at KJFK!


I’m now open at KONT. I would love people to come fly some patterns!


I’m now open at LIRF! Anyone who can stop by will be greatly appreciated!


Now open at KONT! Please come by!


I’m now open at KONT! Please stop by!


I’m open at KBKL. Come on down!


I am open at KONT! Come down!