Captain Sam's ATC Tracking Thread PASSED PRACTICAL! THANK YOU!


You still open?


Yes I am!!

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Be there in a sec

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May I reccomend you land because I have to go pretty soon


Thanks for coming out!


Where do you want your feedback?

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Here is good. Thanks so much!


Ok. I think your controlling was great. I wish there was other traffic so I could see how you did with sequencing but solo with me that was textbook. Great Job!

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Thanks so much for the feedback. Here is a tip, when you want to land instead of requesting inbound again just say Corporate 1 is on Left Downwind runway 08L, full stop.


Yeah…whoops 😀`

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I am currently open at KONT. I would really appreciate anyone who can come and fly some patterns! Thanks!

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I will come down for a few patterns. My callsign is N202PC:-)

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Thanks so much! Can’t wait to see you!

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Let me know when you’re planning on coming.

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I see you!

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I’m coming. CSA31NT. Feedback here or in PM?

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Here is great! Can’t wait to see you!


Woah! My screan just glitched. @jakcharvat, you just went flying! Glad that didn’t last long! Lol


Thank you very much @jakcharvat for flying!


Lol. From my side mostly good. You just forgot to send me a left/right traffic after my runway change

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