Captain Sam's ATC Tracking Thread PASSED PRACTICAL! THANK YOU!


Ah! Well that would completely answer my questioning then haha!
So you were correct in that scenario. Everything was spot on, you sequenced me every time without giving unnecessary instructions and bogging yourself down. You handled all the pattern work for all aircraft great.

The only thing I saw was that once when you cleared an aircraft for takeoff and that fighter was on short and final (though I do believe he didn’t extend downwind long enough at all) you handled it correctly by immediately telling him to go-around.

Great, great job overall!


That fighter is a grade 5!

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I saw that! I think he was just trying to do quick options and didn’t space correctly.

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How was my spacing?


I’m almost to grade 4! only need about 20-30 more landings! Finally haha


Yeah, even a grade 5 can’t be perfect. I also kept that other fighter at a line up and wait for maybe 2 minutes.


Congrats. I hope you can achieve that soon!

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@Ryan_Poteet your pattern work looked fine to me :)


Very good. I didn’t see any problems whatsoever!

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Awesome going for my practical soon too for ATC just passed the written.


It’s always nice to be able to control multiple planes in a smaller airport like KONT where you won’t get bogged down like if you were at KSFO or KLAX


Congrats @Ryan_Poteet ! Hope to see you controlling Expert soon!

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Congrats! I hope you do well. Something that got someone else was the exit taxi clearance. Make sure you allows give everyone one!


And where they dont always listen.


Not sure about training (haven’t controlled there for over a year now), but on expert there is an option for telling aircraft to exit runway xx, cross runway yy and contact ground or exit runway xx, hold short of runway yy which you then follow up with a runway crossing (it is available for tower (at least on Expert)) and a handoff to ground. The only problem is that even if you tell an aircraft to exit xx cross yy and contact ground, most still switch straight away and request a crossing with ground :(

Any questions, feel free to PM me

– Jakub


Yes, I told the aircraft to hold short of runway 26R because there was an aircraft on a 2 mile final.

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Open for some patterns. Can I please have some support.


How did you do on your practical?

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I haven’t done it yet. Why?


Now open! Any aircrafts will be highly appreciated. Thanks!

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