Captain Sam's ATC Tracking Thread @ KONT (CLOSED)


yep! @samdog27


This Singapore 26 is really struggling to comprehend basic ATC requests.


Yes. He’s doing patterns! haha


YESSSSS! haha.
Word of advice (i’m sure you’re probably aware) he may want to do right pattern work onto 27R. He’ll swallow me up lol


or i can do tighter pattern turns if you want.


Nope he decided to depart the pattern haha


Yep I’m Alaska 113


Thanks for flying!


Sorry have to go!


I’ll come in full stop since you’re closing


Still got one more pattern ;)


okay! one more touch and go and then i’ll full stop :)


Great! Thanks!


No problem. Thank you for controlling!


Thanks everyone for coming out! I had probably the most aircrafts I have ever handled that wasn’t at KLAX or EGLL. I really appreciate any feedback I can get on my controlling!


The only thing I noticed (and honestly i am not even sure how IF handles this by their rules)
but IRL, Tower does not give an aircraft over to ground until they’ve crossed all active runways.

Great controlling today!


The problem is that tower cannot issue cross runway instructions in IF


Sam you can now


Also great controlling SC3185. I would suggest to keep giving the option instead of cleared to land unless requested from beginning.


Ok. Thanks for that!