Captain Sam's ATC Tracking Thread @ KMEM (CLOSED)

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What airport?

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How do I edit it?

Never mind

the little pencil

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KSFO is already being controlled (unless thats you)

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Do I have to be controlling to have a thread

I thought that is why it says closed

yes but are you going to open it

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Tomorrow probably

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Thank you very much for helping me

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I recommend starting with smaller airports that you can do pattern work at. KSFO isn’t a great option, as it gets flooded with newer pilots who might not know what they’re doing. Two suggestions are EGKK and EDDL as they have two nice parallel runways, however, there are many other great choices too!


Thanks for letting me know. Is KSMF a good idea. Two parallel runways. Chose SFO because I am familiar.

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I suggest you put out a message when you open too, asides from just changing your title. This bumps your post to the top of the #atc category.

Thanks for letting me know.

Open now! Can’t wait for some support!

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I flew a few patterns in your airspace and I noticed a few things worth mentioning.

You cleared me for takeoff and told me to make right traffic. Then as soon as I was airborne, you told me to enter right downwind, this is unnecessary since I’m already cleared to make a right pattern by myself in the takeoff clearance.

Then you told me that you’d call my base, while there was no traffic anywhere around. This command is mostly used to create separation for departures, you should let pilots make their base at their discretion. Even if there was more traffic, you’d give sequencing instead of calling bases, and let the aircraft maintain their own separation.

Then you told me to ‘‘enter right base’’ instead of using the ‘‘turn base’’ command.

Then you cleared me for the option, which is good, but told me to make right traffic after the option. This is also unnecessary since I’m already cleared for right traffic since last takeoff.

After a few patterns, I called for full stop after you cleared me for the option, and you sent another cleared to land message. You don’t need to clear me to land since the ‘‘option’’ includes landing. Cleared for the option includes touch and go, low pass, go around and landing.


  • Don’t overcontrol
  • Let the pilots do their patterns and only intervene when you need spacing
  • You only have to clear an aircraft do make a right/left traffic once.

A continuous pattern flight should go like this:

  • Cleared for takeoff **, make right traffic

Once in downwind:

  • Number 1, cleared for the option (Don’t include make right traffic)

The pilot will then touch and go, join right downwind and then again:

  • Number 1, cleared for the option (Don’t include make right traffic)

And so on. Without any traffic that’s how it would go. With traffic, you would only add sequencing to tell the aircraft which one he’s supposed to follow, and then they should maintain separation by themselves.

Keep it up! Cheers,


Thanks so much for the feedback. Really appreciate it! Hope to improve in the future!

Two things.

  1. That “Continue Taxi” command was a mistake, and I think you know it

  2. As mentioned above you cleared me for the option, then after I called full stop you cleared me again for landing. This is not really necessary as “Option” gives me clearance to land as well.

But for the most part, nice controlling. Have a great day!

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Thanks, I appreciate the feedback. I didn’t realise I gave you a continue taxi command, soory about that. Learnt after about the options and the cleared to land.