Captain_Ry's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Hello everyone! If you are interested in helping me with practicing my ATC skills come to @N/A Any feedback would be amazing as I want to be a good ATC and apply for IFATC in the summer or fall of 2021. You may use whatever plane you would like, and do patterns or takeoff for a small flight! Looking forward to seeing some of you! Thanks! -Ry


Controller Display Name: Captain_Ry
Time: 9:20PM through 9:45PM (GMT -500)
Server: Training Server
ATC: Tower & Ground @N/A

Metar @N/A

Atis @N/A

I’ll stop by

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I’ll stop by and do some pattern work!

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how long you going to be open?

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Probably around 10 more minutes or 20.

Hello! You did good just a few mistakes to work on.

  • You forgot to give me and HHI-RY an pattern entry when they called inbound. Whenever someone calls inbound or for patterns. You must ALWAYS give them a pattern entry.

See here for more information

  • You double cleared me to land and cleared for the option. You only need to clear me once for landing and for when someone is doing a touch and go.

See 3.3.5 in this article for more information

  • The transition altitude given HHI-RY should’ve been 3,000 feet not 2,000 feet. The formula to solve transition altitude is this Airport’s Altitude + 1,500 feet + 1,000 feet = Your altitude for the transition . So in that case, BIKF’s airport altitude is about 0 ft so I’d add that and add 1,500 feet + 1,000 feet, I’d get 2,500 feet. But then, I’m not done. I have to round UP to the nearest 500. Then you get 3,000 feet. Which is your transition altitude.

See here for more details

  • You didn’t have to give 5W-CNE fly runway heading until at or above 2,000. Example. If someone is departing on 35L and other departure on 35R, you’d give one of them fly runway until at or above whatever altitude you give them.

See 3.2.8 in this article for more information

  • You gave HHI-RY a very early go around command. You should’ve given 5W-CNE a hold short command and let HHI-RY do his touch and go.

  • You forgot to clear HHI-RY for the option This is KEY for when someone is flying patterns. The only thing you did a few times was just give me a sequencing command. So here’s an example. Let’s say I’m flying pattern at an airport on runway 32 and there’s another aircraft also flying patterns on final on the same runway and I just rotated off of the runway. So, you would give me number 2, traffic to follow is on final. Then, you would give me number 2 runway 32, cleared for the option.

Here’s an example

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Thanks for the feedback! I didn’t know that HHI-RY was inbound so early, I amde him go around as on my screen he looked like he was going to crash, which he did. I also accidentally pressed the transition to 2,000 instead of 2,500 which I was told I am able to do. Thanks for all your feedback! Ill work on it next time i am ATC! I forgot a lot as my last time I’ve done this was like september .lol

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It’s ok. Don’t worry! You can tag me next I’m you open and I’ll for sure come!

Have a good night!

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Thanks! I wanetd to try out patterns as I have an issue with that and want to work on it, thanks for all the help! Maybe tomorrow I will do a bit better! :D have a good night!

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