Captain_Ry's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @EDDL

Hello IFC! If you are interested in helping me with practicing my ATC skills so I can become an IFATC in the near future, please come and stop by @EDDL Any feedback would be amazing as I want to learn from my mistakes and do better the next try. You may use whatever plane you would like, and do patterns or takeoff for a small flight! However, please try to keep it realistic and be patient as I am still learning! Looking forward to seeing some of you! Any feedback is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Metar: N/A

Estimated Time: N/A Minutes.

Server: Training Server

Dep. Runway: N/A

Arv. Runway: N/A



On my way!

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Unfortunately I can’t make it. However, I would like to welcome you to the training stage. I highly recommend taking the ATC Practice Test lots of times until you get at least 5 scores in a row that are above 90% although the requirement is 80 I believe.

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@ me when you open again!

Currently flying so can’t make it.

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Alright, thank you! I intend to do a practice session before I apply. Feel free to stop by next time I open!

Enjoy your flight! I will @ you next time I open.

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Do tag me next time! I will attend as soon as I can! Atm, I won’t be able to attend your session.

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Hello! My name is Noah and I’m a member of IFATC! I love that your taking time to get better at controlling, as when it comes to controlling, practice makes perfect! My callsign was 5N-OAH and here’s the feedback from today. Feel free to respond with any questions you have and I will answer them to the best of my ability.

-when you cleared me for takeoff, you didn’t tell me to make left traffic. Whenever you are clearing someone for takeoff and they are remaining in the pattern, you must tell them to either make left or right traffic.

-next, your clearances are very late. I normally clear the aircraft for the option towards the beginning of their downwind.

-another issue was when I reported I was on “left downwind full stop” and you responded with the pattern entry of “enter left downwind”. This pattern entry was unneeded. I was just simply letting you know I was going to stop doing touch and goes.

-the last thing was the runway exit, you should normally give a runway exit at around 90 knots, you gave me a runway exit at 30 knots

That’s it from me! Thanks for controlling, the crosswind was a fun challenge! Feel free to tag me next time you open and if I’m available, I’ll come out and fly again!

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Thank you for the feedback! I knew I missed something on departure! Hope to see you next time.

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Hi, I was OH-NOO. Thank you for controlling! Here’s some super basic feedback.

  • Plenty of room to clear me for takeoff, 5N-OAH was on a 5NM final. You’ll get more comfortable with this as you start controlling more.

  • No traffic direction was given upon takeoff. This is why I informed you I was inbound on my upwind.

  • No traffic direction was given on my option clearance, either. If an aircraft is making a new pattern entry (eg: taking off, coming inbound, switching runways), a traffic direction must be given.

  • The first clearance was a bit late for comfort, try to clear aircraft on their early downwind.

  • No need for a new pattern entry when I called full stop, I was just letting you know I would be stopping patterns.

Practice on some of these and you’ll be there in no time! Thanks again!

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Thanks for the feedback! Like I said to noah, I knew something was missing on departures lol. I’ll make sure to do these changes in the future. Thanks for stopping by!!

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@Noah06 @Renan @USA_ATC I am now open @EDDL Again! :)

Sorry I was out and and about.

Hiii, @Captain_Ry! Tag me when you open next time, please!

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