Captain_Piotr ATC Tracking thread - [Closed] @[N/A] [Practical Passed]

Thanks for stopping by my thread here I will post whenever I’m open. I’m looking for people to some pattern work and give me constructive feedback after each Session.

Hope to see you there,


Aircraft: (preffered) A320 and A321

Depature runway:


And well I am closed for now thanks to anyone who came out!


Here’s some quick feedback in your session yesterday (sorry it’s so late). I was LH9818.

  • Generally you managed everything nicely and proactively with clear communication
  • I liked you being proactive about distances in my first pattern
  • During my first pattern you sequenced me a little late as I was already turning unaware of the traffic high up on the downwind. If the crosswind turn is dependent on the sequencing it’s better to send it as soon as possible or to use “extend upwind, I’ll call your crosswind”
  • I also wanted to do a transition and inbound, but you were offline by the time I circled around…

Hope this is helpful. Maybe you can also join one of my training session in the future…

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Awsome thanks alot for the feedback be sure to tag me whenever your open and I’ll try to make it in

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