Captain_Paul’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Welcome to my ATC tracking thread. I would like to practise my ATC skills and want to invite you to visit my airport when I’m open. I passed my written test recently and I would like to get some experience before my final practical exam, so Your feedback would be most welcome. Thanks in advance for visiting.
Best regards


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Now open at EDDP ( Leipzig ) for about an hour

Runways in use:
26R and 26L

I’ll be waiting for you!

Now open at EDDT for half an hour or maybe more if I will get some traffic going on, make sure to pay a visit!:)

Feedback is appreciated!

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Hey there! I was D-4NNY. Here’s some comments.

  • One: The transition was too high. The general rule is airport elevation + 2500, so for today, 3000 would’ve been good. [Controller was aware]
  • Two: It would’ve been better to have me enter the right downwind for 26R at the very start; I was in a position where putting me behind and/or in front of Star Check would’ve been a bit annoying, so in that case, splitting me and Star Check apart across the two runways would’ve been a good idea. Make sure to use all your available runways to your advantage.
  • Three: When I requested a runway change, you still insisted I enter the left downwind, which meant I had to fly across the runways and then fall in behind Star Check. I was already established on the right downwind for 26R, so just having me stay there would’ve been much better than forcing me to go across and follow Star Check. On that note, the response time to my runway change could’ve been much quicker. It’s clear that I would be the first to go to 26R because of my positioning, so even if Star Check were to request a change to 26R, having them be Number 2 to follow me would’ve been the correct play regardless. You didn’t have to wait it out to see how things would play out. [Controller is aware of this too]
  • Four: It seems you got your clearances a bit jumbled up, but you seemed to get it all sorted so not too bad.
  • Five: I noticed that on both of my consequent patterns for 26R, you told me to make right traffic after clearing me for the option. That wasn’t needed since you already told me traffic direction on my first clearance. I’d continue that right pattern until otherwise requested/instructed (I will note that you did fix this when I switched to 26L, so I’m not too sure what happened when I was on 26R).
  • Six: Clearance for my second landing on 26L was a bit later than I wanted, but it was still fine.
  • Seven: Exit runway was a bit late for me, but still, not too bad.

Overall, you’ve got a solid idea of the basics; your pattern instructions and sequences were on point (although the start was a bit shaky. You did pull it back in the end, which is good!). Most of the things I noticed were either minor mistakes or just controller misjudgement in aircraft positioning, both of which can be easily addressed. Good job overall; keep it up. Let me know if you have any questions, concerns, or need some clarification!

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Now open at LFBO for time being.

Feel free to join, feedback is appreciated :)

Open now at EDDT for about an hour if I will get traffic going

Make sure to stop by if you want to do some pattern work.
Feedback as always appreciated

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yay my home airport!

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i stalled…

also 08L/26R are always used for approach

08R/26L are only for departure

For pattern work, it’s best to use both runways (in general, controllers are encouraged to use all runways for deps/landings to keep things going smoothly).

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oh… well it is used that way irl tho

Still open I’ll stop by!

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Sorry my game crashed but anyway everything was on point! Good catch btw when I requested frequency change!

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Thanks for coming!

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All good from me; nothing that’s really worth mentioning!

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Thank you very much for coming today. Im looking forward to improving my controlling with more and more aircrafts in the pattern

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@ToasterStroodie @RitzRegis @Itsumi Thank you very much for coming, have a great night/day!


thank you for finally giving my home airport some movement

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Open at LFBO now for some time.

Looking forward for having more aircraft in the pattern

Feedback, as usual :)

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