Captain_Pablo's ATC Tracking Thread PERMANENTLY CLOSED

Welcome to my tracking thread!
I’m preparing for the IFATC practical test. If you have time, please come fly some patterns at London Gatwick.
See you in the skies!

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Feel free to give me some feedback

Are you controlling? Cause no one is there

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Yes I am currently controlling

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Alright! Just did a quick pop in. After takeoff, no need for ‘enter left downwind runway 04L’
As this is stated in ‘cleared for takeoff, make left traffic
If the pilot know which way to turn after the option (e.g stated before already) you don’t need to say ‘… after the option make left traffic’
Everything else was great! Keep practicing in small airports!

Thanks for your feedback! I’ll keep practicing.

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I second that. Everything else was great though!

I’m now open at KSSC. Come fly some patterns!

Thanks for the service. Don’t forget the pattern instruction…you did remember it but after the fact. Wish it was busier for you…

Thanks for joining! Should I give pattern instructions before clearing?

I’d like to thank everyone that came. I hope I did well. Feel free to drop your feedback

Come fly at London Gatwick (EGKK)

I have passed the IFATC tests! Thanks everyone for helping me throughout this process.


Congratulations @Captain_Pablo!


Thanks!! I’m looking forward to control on the expert server


Congratulations on that remarkable accomplishment and best of luck!


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