Captain No Gear YouTube! You choose who is in my next video!

Hey all! To celebrate the success of my reaction video, I wanted you to help choose who will be featured in the next “The Adventures of Captain No Gear” video!

  • Demoman
  • Sniper
  • Engineer
  • Medic
  • Scout
  • Pyro
  • Soldier
  • Spy

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Thank you for all your support and positive feedback!


Why do these mean? Spy, solider etc…

I believe they are TF2 characters.

Spy for the win!

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Correct @Butter_Boi, I understand that not everyone is going to understand who I’m mentioning in the voting options, so here’s a video series to help get to know the characters a little bit.

Disclaimer: this video is NOT mine! All credit goes to Valve productions!


Is this in any way related to Infinite Flight?

It’s a Infinite Flight video series that I make on YT which includes voice lines from another game.

No, sorry!