Captain No Gear Live! (Official Livestream Thread)

Hi ya! Welcome to The Offical Livestream Thread for the Captain No Gear YouTube Channel!

This post is where you’ll find my streams whenever I go live on YT.

Thanks everyone for your continued support! Hope to see you all in the skies very soon.



Hey all! I will be live at 18:00Z flying with my friends at BAVA in Bangkok with the notorious 717!

What could possibly go wrong?!


Hope to see you there!

Fight information:
Route: VTBS - VTCC
Aircraft: Bangkok Airways 717
Flight time: ~1:15

Stream link: TBD


I love your catchphrase 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Disaster Guaranteed!!

Will try catching you at the stream!


We are live!: Captain No Gear Live! BAVA in Thailand! 🇹🇭 - YouTube

Hi ya all!

I will be streaming live on YouTube at 16:00Z (12:00EST) for a special Independence Day Flight to our Nation’s Capital with my friends at BAVA! (In about 30 minutes)

Hope to see you all there!

Flight details:
Route: KMIA - KDCA
Aircraft/Airline: American Airlines 737-800
Flight time: ~2hrs

We are live! 🎉
Captain No Gear Live! Fourth of July Special! 🇺🇸🎆🦅🗽 - YouTube


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