Captain No Gear is Live on YT! (Official Livestream Thread)

Hi ya all,

I am happy to announce that I’m now doing IF live-streams on my YT channel!

The purpose of this thread will be used to announce when I go live on YT.

My Channel:

Thanks for your support everyone, make sure to set your thread notifications to tracking so you never miss a stream! Hope to see you in the skies very soon!


(I’ve done some research and have found similar threads to this one, so I assume that this type of topic is allowed and within IFC guidelines. (Mod confirm?)


Now Live! Come join in the fun!

Alaska Airlines CRJ700


Great stream! Could you please send me how you streamed this? Thanks!

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Statement regarding yesterday’s stream

Hey all,

For those who we’re watched yesterday’s stream, I would like to apologize for the unexpected crash. It really sinks that you all were waiting that whole time to see my landing, only for my stream to unexpectedly crash. Hopefully this will not happen again in future streams.

Thanks to everyone who tuned in! Your support is greatly appreciated and does not go unnoticed.

Happy flying!



I’m Live! Come Join the Fun!

Stream link:

Flight Info
Flight Number: Republic 4697
Route: KBTV - KDCA
Aircraft US Airways E175
Flight Time: ~1hr 15min
Server: Expert Server

joined and subbed love this stream C:

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Welp… stream crashed again… here’s the new link:

Flight Info
WizzAir 3055
Route: LROP 🇷🇴- LGIR 🇬🇷
Aircraft: WizzAir A320
Flight time: ~2hrs
Server: Expert

Time to go hurricane hunting!

New link… stream crashed again…

Server: Casual
Airport: KABE

Double stream!:

Flight info:
Route: WADD 🇮🇩 - WIII 🇮🇩
Aircraft: Batik Airlines A320
Flight time: ~1hr 30mins
Server: Expert server