Captain_ Merka's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Official ATC tracking thread for @Captain_Merka.

I’ll join if your open in about 1hr because I’m doing a flight

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Okay I’m delaying it anyways. I’m opening at 2019-08-25T00:00:00Z2019-08-25T01:00:00Z

I’ll be there. How much ATC experience do you have?

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Not much besides controlling a lot and watching the all of the Youtube tutorials. I am not quite 14 so no IFATC yet.

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Opening in 5 at PANC. See y’all there.

Open on Training Server. Landing runway 7R. Departing runway 7L. Join now.

@Cheryl_Tunt Noticed you didn’t file a flight plan are you just doing touch and gos?

You’re just gonna quit I was take you around in the pattern for a touch and go if you want you can spawn back in.

Your controlling is subpar.
You gave me runway 7L meaning 7R is open too. You made me have to cross two runway rather than takeoff runway 7R
And made me cross the closed runway. When you are using 7L and 7R you tell me to cross them no matter what side I’m on.
You than gave me progressive taxi instructions onto the taxiway. Trust me I know how to taxi :) thank you. And after all that I request takeoff remaining in the pattern (touch n goes) and you denied patternwork and sent me straight out. Meaning you don’t want patternwork. Keep practicing.

Thanks for the advice! 😀


I will be opening in 10 mins at KTPA (Tampa). Thanks @Cheryl_Tunt I am now better prepared to give you all a great experience. Please give me advice so I can improve. If you would like I can give you voice ATC in Discord. PM me and I’ll invite you to the server.

I’ll try to make it. I already PMed you

Ok! I saw the PM and replied.

OPEN NOW! Spawn in

Hi 👋🏻
I was LE-ONB. You clearly knew the commands, but you didn’t know how to use it well. You sent me to 1R which was unnecessary. For me, I would use 10 and 1s for my departure traffic, and 1s for my arrival traffic. There weren’t any traffic, so why tell me to expedite crossing? And, why no pattern work? I would like to fly some patterns to test your skills but you didn’t allow me to, so I quitted. Next time please bring me some quality service. Thanks for the service. Have a good day!

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Okay, I’m sorry

Opening now at KSEA

Open! Feel free to stop by.

Open now at KPDX. Stop bye and fly. @Thunderbolt is handling departure/approach.