Captain_Merka’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Official ATC tracking thread for @Captain_Merka.

I need to improve a lot so please give some feedback. I am a lot better than before however.


When? 2020-01-24T04:35:00Z
Where? CYVR
What? Radar patterns (Approach)
Who? Me and hopefully you
How? Flying
Why? I don’t even know at this point…

My last one became uneditable.


I will be opening in 45 minutes at Boeing Field. If anyone wants to do a transition, that would help me a lot.

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I’ll be there building landings. After some pattern work I don’t mind departing and transitioning through.


Thanks. I need to work on transitions. See you in 20 minutes. Thanks for being willing to stop by

Open right now! Stop by!

I’d love feedback.

@Eseriess I see you!

@Captain_Merka to let you know, transition altitude should be at least 2500agl, so in this case 2500 for transition will be fine:)

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Coming. Let’s go trick this Captain America!

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Oops was on expert. Changing now.

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No problemo

Another thing is maybe send an exit runway slightly later, I was decelerating when you sent the exit runway, so maybe target around 50-60kt and then send the command

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Sorry probably could’ve cleared you

Hey are you still open?

Will be open for 30 more minutes at least

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Had to go, but you just have to tell the aircraft what up. All of your commands were late. It is so convient when you do stuff earlier and think of situations that could occur.

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Um ok… is left downwind my left from the south or left from the location of the active runway? 🤔

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Left downwind is the downwind leg of a pattern with left turns.

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Ok, I will work on earlier clearances

I learned everything I know from ATC tutorials on YouTube and ATC Training sessions. I believe with your last paragraph, I am correct.

Ok thanks wasn’t 100% sure

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