Captain_Merka and Thunderbolt35's ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED] @ N/A

It’s all good. It’s a learning experience

I’ll be buttering in a sec.

I requested takeoff on the wrong runway. You should give me back taxi instructions @captain_merka

Quite a late clearance there @Captain_Merka

Sorry. My wifi’s having trouble my powers in and out. I’m done.

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Opening at EHAM

Ground and Tower: @Captain_Merka

Approach and Departure: @Thunderbolt

Open now from 2019-10-28T02:00:00Z2019-10-28T02:45:00Z

Maybe earlier.

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Make sure to update the title.

A great day to fly in Amsterdam!

FYI, I recommend not doing Departure/Arrival because that won’t be on the test. My recommendation is One of you do Ground, the other does Tower, and switch halfway through. Also my flying sucks.


lol I’m closed now @Captain_Merka

I suck at flying too.

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Closed. Have a great day!

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