Captain_Merka and Thunderbolt35's ATC Tracking Thread [CLOSED] @ N/A

The official group ATC tracking thread for @Captain_Merka and @Thunderbolt.

Where should we open in 15 minutes?

  • KLAS
  • PANC
  • KDEN
  • KTPA

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We will open at 2019-10-26T03:35:00Z


When we open, come join us!

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PANC it is!

Ground & Tower open now. Radar open in a sec.

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Radar is OPEN at PANC

All aircraft welcome.
Landing and takeoff runway 7L and 7R.
Pattern work accepted as always.

Make sure to update the title

@KennedyTurner @anon41771314 @Aaron.C Are y’all coming?

Sir_Baller’s pro sub ended lol.

No subscription


I keep forgetting.


We will be open for another 15-20 minutes.

landing practice time. rate my landings pls

Gotcha. Please tune into approach so I can practice.

@anon41771314 I’ll give it an 8.

It was nice. Gonna do a long upwind.

I missed the touchdown tho

Never mind, thought it wasn’t a touch and go

I’m actually gonna hop into a cockpit and do patterns as well.

Pros: Good Response Times

Cons: There was no need for me to be on Departure Frequency, for patterns you stay on Tower.

Okay no problem

Wasn’t sure on that one