Captain Marina starring Air Baltic Q400 ULTIMATE COCKPIT MOVIE [AirClips full flight series]

For those who like the Q400, this is a pretty in-depth video of an Air Baltic flight with multiple cameras from preflight to landing. It was posted to YouTube Dec '17 and I don’t think anyone else has posted here.


love the “Air Clips” films,especially been enjoying the LH Cargo B777 and MD 11 flights

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Great video! I love the close up detail they give on my favorite aircraft!

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I prefer these to the commercial jet ones, I love Turboprops, thanks for sharing

After watching this and other videos, I’ve really started getting the feel of the aircraft in IF. Especially the approach speeds from 20/10/5 nm out and when to properly slow lower flaps. Though we can’t condition the engines like they do in RL

One thing I forgot about is the DH8 doesn’t have an APU so while still on ground power they start engines first, disconnect ground power then pushback. It does have batteries for engine start and running cockpit but to keep systems running and heat/air while boarding, need ground power

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The Pilot eyes also is good!
There is a series presenting Swizz, From Zurich to Miami… Gosh the female pilot so hoot~~ :D

I’m pretty sure the Dash 8 does have an APU, at least the newer Q400s do. I don’t think it is very powerful though.

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