Captain Jazz enters the game

I just want to share this to you guys, because I’m quite new to the live session. Although I’m stuck in solo flights since 2014 and I can only afford live flights by now.
(Sorry for my bad english)

So I’m CaptainPH Jazz in Infinite Flight. Currently Grade 2 with no violations 😂. I only started with live since 30th of September.

October 15 if I remember I started to fly from KLAX to KSFO which is a super short flight for me. Then I flew to KSLC - KDEN - KOMA (If I remember the code names) KJFK - EGLL and so on within the asia. Until I return to KLAX from tokyo grounds.

This is a very memorable moment of my aviation career. I love seeing other pilots flying with me. The towers or the atc is so nice.

So just yesterday I arrived at KLAX from tokyo with 8hrs and 35 minutes. This is my longest flight for me in Infinite Flight, and I’m looking forward for more updates in the game. I love the live weather and time. It’s so realistic.

I actually fly in FSX steam edition. But I got bored because I’m alone flying ( I don’t like the multiplayer) But here in IFS there is so many kind pilots and cooperating towers.

Yeah, the money I spent to this game is worth it, and I will subscribe further.

Thank you, Flying Development or Infinite Flight for making my dreams come true

-Captain Jazz


Welcome to Infinite Flight and Infinite Flight Community. We hope you enjoy your stay here!

You are going to have a pleasant time with us on your aviation journey! :D


Please refer to the posts below to help you know the rules to this community.

I would also recommend going to KSJC as it is a great airport. Your aviation journey includes some of the smaller and underserved airports in Infinite Flight I do hope you know what KSJC is XD

KSJC has a really nice and unique SID which I call the “right loop.” We here at Infinite Flight promote realism, so try to be as realistic as possible when flying.

Anyways, welcome to Infinite Flight and Infinite Flight Community! :D

We are happy to have you here.


Hey! 👋🏻

Just saying, I’d recommend not doing the one waypoint FPLs on these longer trips, you can save yourself time, fuel, and it just looks better in my opinion. If you want help, feel free to PM me, or anyone I’m sure would be willing to help!

Also @BigBert10 ya had to put SJC in there? 😂🤦🏻‍♂️

Fly to KPIT, k thanks bi…


Hope you enjoy your time here and around the IFC and the virtual IF world!


You can’t always fly to SFO, got to open up to new places XD

Me, I recently stopped by KSAT, KMHT @Daniel_Cerritos , and KBWI @Plane-Train-TV


Hey @Captain_Jazz, great to see you here. I agree that FDS has made something great here, and the community makes it greater.

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And not KPIT, how could you… 🤨

I’ll fly to KPIT soon, the next time I feel like I’m in the mood to fly to KSFO XD

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So you gona fly KPIT-KSFO? That’s acceptable…

Yeah, I still want to be realistic XD

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Welcome to the IFC and IF! Check out the links @BigBert10 posted and know you’ll have a great time while you play IF!b

Welcome @Captain_Jazz. Also, DO NOT forget KBDL and LGRP. Perfect airports that have almost no traffic in IF

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