Captain_Hoss’ ATC Tracking Thread - [PASSED Practical]] @N/A

Yeah, all of your responses were kinda late too, you need to work on proficiency.


Look I haven’t controlled in 6 months I’m just getting back into it. I am getting a training session sometime soon as well.

It’s okay… You did well. You should keep searching through the UI for new buttons and check the manual about progressive taxi as a lot has changed through the months.

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Yeah, I realised that. I saw the video on a progressive taxi so I understand that. I just need to work at sending commands fast again

Open at KNLC please come a long and do some patterns or what ever. DO NOT TROLL please. Feedback will be great as well. See you there

Anyone wanna come along and do some quick patterns

I’ll come by

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I’ll head down for a circuit 👊🏻

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Will be there in 10 mins

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What that requesting for a frequency change on purpose

Yes, it was on purpose

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Very good! No errors spotted

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That’s for the feedback. I’m now closed thank you good day

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Open at WIII come to do some patterns please if you can

How long are you expecting to be open for?

4 hours maybe

Still open so if anyone can come along and do patterns

Closed due to no traffic.

Open at NZCH for practice of my practical test in 30min

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Don’t forget to update the title :)