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Since the latest update, I am unable to use RRR**** for Royal Air Force aircraft, can this be changed at some point please.


After the new update, custom callsigns are not allowed, you have to follow the models.

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The A330 is an RAF tanker so should be included at some point.

Are you talking about the aircraft or the callsign?

At the moment, the RRR military callsign are currently not in-game.

There are a large selection of military callsigns in the sim currently.

(There are also other Mil callsigns available)

This is not true.

There are several callsigns for RAF and USAF under the “airline” section.

This is a Callsign

Sorry, I meant to say the “RRR” callsign (which is what the OP is asking about) is currently not in game.

You can replace it with “Madras” one, i know it may not be the same but it’s an alternative.

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It is in the sim,

RRR is the ICAO code for the callsign Ascot.

To put this in a civil airline example this is like that BAW is the ICAO code for the callsign Speedbird (Which belongs to BA)


Ah, okay. Something new I learned today then.

Okay thanks, I will try this out

Closing this topic as it is not an issue with the app.