Captain_Dan’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Hello guys! I’ve applied to become an IFATC and I would like to practice so if anyone wants to come down to YSSY (training server of course) to do some pattern work and give feedback that would be appreciated 😎

I’ll be occupying both ground and tower frequencies


Glad you applied to join the IFATC!

I recommend you take a look at how to do ATC Tracking Thread.

Guide to creating an ATC Tracking Thread

Have good training sessions!


I’m sorry about that, i’ll amend this post to the proper standards

Hey! Feel free to tag me next time you open. I’ll try my best to come by

Tag me next time you open!

@BT_HANDLES @VibrantPixel
I’m currently open at OMDB if you want to come on down 😎

I’ll come to fly around for a bit. :)

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Be warned, there’s way too much traffic here (it’s completely empty) 😎

Great! Lol. Are you practicing patternwork?

Indeed so any pattern work/ last minute runway changes or anything is good

I sent you my feedback, great work today!

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Hey! Sorry that I couldn’t make it. I was a little busy when you opened :(

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Thank you very much!

It’s fine, i’ll always be open tomorrow or later on today 😎

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Currently open at YSSY!

Feel free to tag me next time your open if im available ill fly some patterns!

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Thank you! I’ll make sure I do

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