Captain_Cign's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

That is a wrap, than you so, so much to everyone that came, I really appreciate it!
Cign :)

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Thanks you :)

Have a great day!
Cign :)

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Yup! You may tag me! :)

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Good morning/afternoon fellow aviators! I am now open at KBOI on training, please do come by to do patterns and feedback is greatly appreciated.

Virtual ATIS: KBOI Airport, ATIS information Bravo, time 1230Z ZULU. Wind 130 at 6, visibility 10, temperature 13, dew point 6. Landing Runway 10R and 10L, Departing Runway 10R and 10L. Advise on initial contact you have information Bravo

Bring friends! Ill be open for about 1hr!

Ah forgot to tag, whoops :O
Anyone free? @N822M @RoBroStar @JulietTango

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Sorry @Captain_Cign I’m flying right now :(

No problem! Enjoy your flight :)

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Thanks! Enjoy your controlling :)

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I’m coming

Thank you :)

@Kaven apologies transition should have been 5,500 ft rounded up.

Ladies and gentlemen that is a wrap, thank you so much for coming! Feedback is appreciated. Cheers!

Happy Flying :)

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Hello, I was K708NP and the session was perfect! Just one question, when you told me to adjust speed to follow aircraft ahead, did you mean that I had to fly faster to be at 3NM behind him?

No I wanted you at what you were at the time 4NM which according to the manual is optimal for inbound traffic. I did not want you to have to go around :)

Thanks for the ATC session, everything was perfect for me!

Thank you for coming :) Do you mind me tagging you next time?

May I also tag you guys/gals @Kaven @TheKnP_KK

Oh okay, I just flown a bit faster but I was during the approach at 4NM behind him

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Yes, no problem

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Yes sure you can tag me!

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Hello, I was the 737 with the callsign KAV. Overall, the ATC service was superb! Transition altitude was incorrect but you noticed it so great job! I However, I feel like these are some things you should have noticed.

The winds were variable (in the air at least) and I had a 5-6 knot crosswind so it would have been normal for me not be perfectly aligned in the ILS cone. Therefore I feel like you misused the runway assignment check command but it’s understandable considering my altitude at that time.

About pattern work for runway 10L, there were tall mountains on the left side which you can only avoid if you do a steep bank or climb to a high altitude. Personally I would have preferred if you only used 10R for landings due to the terrain nearby but of course, it’s up to you.

When I came in from the south, it would have been better to get me to enter right downwind runway 10R since it was the closest and more convenient. As mentioned before, this is up to you since the pilots are to abide ATC’s commands but yeah wanted to point it out so that you would know about it.

Once again, superb service! Looking forward to see you controlling on ES! :)

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